Vinnie has most recently designed a small coconut tree inspired collection as a result of her meeting with the creative founders and directors of Lovo, a coconut vodka drink, based in London.

Vinnie's main collections, for which she is most well known, are inspired by the different countries from which she sources her semi-precious stones and components: namely Africa, India, Turkey and Spain.

The original Logo Leaf collection, being the most recognised signature style, is a direct reflection of the landscape and acacia leaves of the Great Rift Valley in Kenya where Vinnie was brought up.

The Petal collection depicts the jingle-jangle of Spanish horses, adorned for the Ferias in Seville: a fantastically comforting and lovely sound. Vinnie's jewellery is organic and extremely tangible: each piece has a uniqueness about it and what is so great is being able to stack the designs together thus creating an original look. 

Vinnie's stylish customers enjoy this free spirited, understated and chic image.  You can wear Vinnie's designs with a kaftan on a beach, to work, at a black tie gala or even to a Royal wedding.

Vinnie's Jewellery is thus alive with the rhythm of life and constantly evolving. Vinnie’s diverse history helps explain the vibrancy of her creative and passionate style.

With her Irish routes and African upbringing, Vinnie developed an early love of nature: trees in particular and this is shown clearly through her organic designs. This is visible in her Leaf and Petal collections, which along with the colourful beaded necklaces hand crafted by the Samburu women in Kenya, comprised her first trademark collections.


Our jewellery is made in silver and 24 carat gold-plated (vermeil) with a rich satin finish, complimented by beautiful semi-precious stones. The gold colour that we use is a wonderful savannah sunshine colour with a matt finish.

Our gold plating has a different texture which makes the gold plate look like chocolate! It looks and feels so good you will want to eat it!


Catherine Ostler, Daily Mail, 7th April 2011: "Tiara's at dawn: how Kate wants to wear flowers in her hair, but Camilla backs a more traditional look at the Royal Wedding.  Ladbrokes jointly favours, at 3-1, the Cambridge Lover’s Knot or  a modern one designed by Kate’s favourite jewellery designer, Vinnie Day."Read more.

Carol Woolton, Evening Standard, 2nd December 2010: "Kate [Middleton] has a sartorial style.  Her fashion and jewellery is integrated - she accessorises classic dresses with conservative small charms and hearts on simple chains which suit her understated look.  Pieces by Kenyan-born designer Vinnie Day are a favourite.  As one of Kate's group told me: "Issa dresses and Vinnie's jewellery go together like peas and carrots - all Kate's friends wear Vinnie's stuff".Read more

Gemma Soames, Style Magazine, 3rd May 2010: “There’s nothing like a bit of gold to pep up that jeans-and-T-shirt outfit….Vinnie Day’s new collection of handcrafted jewellery is weighty enough to feel like proper pieces but light enough not to make too big a dent in your wallet. It’s a brilliantly wearable, modern take on tribal….”

Easy Living, November 2007: “Wish charm bracelets staging a comeback, take a quirky approach to the trend with this multi-bangle design by Vinnie Day, who has woven some of her trademark leaf designs into the piece, for a delicate, unusual effect".

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